EMOTICONS = Emotions + Icons; communication through expression"

The Admission for an Autonomous Post Graduation Course in Counseling Psychology (PGCCP) will start in March 2021.
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Aiming to spread happiness!!!

Do you feel yourself to be knee-deep in problems with no way of coming out? Are you tired of struggling to make changes on your own? Do you wish to develop a more positive and assertive outlook towards your life? Do you want to enhance your emotional wellbeing? Then you are at the right place, where we help you to realize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

What They Said About Us

I attended a course with EMOTICONS India. They helped me understand the reason behind emotions. I recommend EMOTICONS India to everyone and not just people with psychology background. I got to understand how to regulate and channelize my thoughts and become a better version of myself. I loved the way how they use real life examples and how they make everything so interactive and lively. It made me think in all the positive aspects that I could.

EMOTICONS India is a perfect place for acquiring knowledge. I have absolutely found what I was looking for.. Everything was beyond my expectations. They emphasize more on practical than on the theory part which I loved the most, which I personally thought was very helpful and helped me in achieving my goals. I loved the way the workshops were conducted. The therapists are very clear, confident and persistent in making us understand the facts and ideas about therapy. They are able to strike the cloud. I would highly recommend EMOTICONS India to everyone. I am very grateful that I got to know about EMOTICONS India and experience it myself.

EMOTICONS India is definitely making the utmost effort in teaching how to apply the course that we learn on our self or around us. It has been a great tool to help me pause and reconsider my emotional responses in all my stressful situations. EMOTICONS India is very informative and more importantly their practical approach is very helpful. The sessions that were taken helped me observe and look at the hurdles that we might face during our day to day life and how to solve them keeping a rational perspective. I got all that I was looking for at EMOTICONS India.

EMOTICONS India provided me with immense explanation for lot of my doubts regarding many psychological functioning. It gave me ways to beautifully overcome my issues. I wanted to get firsthand experience of therapeutic psychology which I hold keen interest in and wanted to start somewhere and learn a few coping mechanisms and all my expectations were met at EMOTICONS India. They have a knowledgeable and accommodative team of therapists and provide good facilities during the course.

EMOTICONS India was a saviour for me in a time of distress and a supportive coach while I was growing. My counsellor was always extremely friendly, non-judgemental and ensured that I could face the challenges in life with a positive and healthy outlook. Over the course of my journey, I have had a safe mental and emotional space, and learnt to prioritize my mental health. I am extremely grateful to EMOTICONS India for their kindness and encouragement.

I did my Post Graduation Course in Counselling Psychology at EMOTICONS India. It is definitely a place to learn with. It provides a perfect blend of sound theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience. They believe in people and their potential, which does wonders for the people connected to them. PGCCP is the course, where anyone can start their counselling journey from.


We are passionate about helping our clients to recognize and adapt the ups and downs they face, empower them to identify and pursue their goals and help them lead a content, happy and meaningful life.