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Gain confidence, and take charge of your own life


    Counseling is an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between counselor and client that leads to change in the client's behavior (overt changes in the way clients act, their coping skills, decision making skills and/or relationship skills), beliefs and values (ways of thinking about self, others, and the world) or emotional concerns relating to these perceptions, Level of emotional distress (uncomfortable feelings or reactivity to environmental stress)(Welfel E.R., Patterson L.E., 2005)

    At EMOTICONS India, clients are provided with a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment. Our focus is also to help people to look at themselves in a new perspective, gain confidence, and take charge of their own lives.

    The sessions provide individuals the opportunity to speak freely, discuss personal issues and let us help you to mitigate them. EMOTICONS India offers counseling in the following areas.

    Individual counseling: (Children, Adolescents, Adults)

    • Bullying and peer pressure
    • Study habits and poor performance
    • Low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness
    • Body image issues during adolescence
    • Feeling of unhappiness and loneliness
    • Interpersonal difficulties including conflicts, shyness, decision making difficulties
    • Adjustment issues adapting to the family, school, work and relationships.
    • Inability to concentrate and sleep at night, excessive worry or a constant feeling of fatigue
    • Stress, anxiety, anger and depression
    • Grief related to the loss of a loved one
    • Thoughts of suicide, suicidal tendency, and other similar problems

    Relationship and family counseling

    • Providing a confidential dialogue and resolving differences in your relationship and therefore strengthening ties
    • Giving an opportunity to reflect upon the difficulties in a relationship and providing a direction for a change in the presence of a counselor
    • Developing client's social skills to enhance relationships
    • Providing every family member a chance to be heard without fear

    Corporate counseling

    • Developing strategies and skills to deal with grievances, stress and burnout
    • Improving Problem solving and decision making skills
    • Enabling clients to understand and build on their strengths, recognize and work on their weaknesses effectively.
    • Reducing work life imbalance
    • Improving motivation and morale at workplace

    Our trainings and workshops aim at enabling an individual to understand themselves and improve their social and professional skills in order to perform better and reach the desired goals.

    We at EMOTICONS India have developed specialized modules for training in various areas.

    All the training programs and workshops are tailor-made and designed in-house by taking into account the organization's principles and policies.They are highly experiential and participative with an emphasis on practice and application of learned skills. All the training modules are research based and are highly applicable.

    Following are some of the standard training programs that we offer :

    • Positive thinking
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Self Esteem
    • Personality Development
    • Effective parenting style
    • Motivation Building
    • Leadership
    • Team building
    • Stress management
    • Anger management and Aggression management

    We also conduct need based trainings and workshops at the invitation of corporates, educational institutions and other similar organizations.


    Psychological tests provide an objective analysis of human behavior which explains their popularity and has enabled them to be adopted widely. In today's times these tests have been primarily used to assess and guide individuals for personal development, career counseling, selection and promotion.

    We at EMOTICONS India use psychological tests to scientifically assess the cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns and provide needful guidance. We conduct a variety of psychological assessments through

    • Aptitude testing
    • Intelligence testing
    • Personality testing
    • Attitude testing
    • Interest inventories

    We, at EMOTICONS India, scientifically develop the psychological tools as per the requirement of different industries and institutions. Companies make use of our psychological tools for recruitment, selection, promotion, performance management and employee development.


    We provide our expertise in carrying out researches at the requirement of corporate and educational institutions. We also provide guidance in the area of testing, research methodology and statistical analysis for the completion of research projects.